Welcome to Wolfe City Independent School District. We are located in beautiful North Texas in the northern most part of Hunt County. Our district is comprised of three campus sites. The district facilitates the education and academic growth of approximately 620 students from Pre-K through High School. Every employee strives to create an exemplary educational environment fostering excellence in all areas of learning and achievement. All students are served by a highly motivated team of administrators and faculty who are dedicated to providing the highest quality education available.


Our Mission:

The Board of Trustees of the Wolfe City School District has established that the primary mission of the Wolfe City Schools is to wholly develop each individual student - mentally, physically, spiritually and socially - to full capacity, so that all students may be able to develop thinking skills, to acquire and apply knowledge and to create within themselves, a sense of self-worth and self-discipline. This statement of mission is fostered by the belief that these skills and attributes are essential for students to become productive, responsible, participating members of our democratic society.

The basic function of the school in the process of education is to stimulate the desire to learn. The board of trustees is dedicated to this foundation premise. This dedication is reflected in the board's commitment to provide an atmosphere of high academic standards and expectations, to provide qualified authority in the classroom, and to provide encouragement to students to develop self-esteem, respect for others and responsible behavior.


District Policy Manual

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