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Folder Accountability Summary (1 Files)
Download Accountability Summary 2017
Folder District of Innovation (1 Files)
Download District of Innovation Plan
Folder District Report Cards (1 Files)
Download 2015 District and Campus Accountability Summary and Rating
Folder Financial Statements (2 Files)
Download Debt Transparency - Spent & Unspent Proceeds
Download Debt Transparency - Total Outstanding Principal & Interest
Folder Old Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes (1 Files)
Download Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Folder School Calendar (1 Files)
Download 2015-2016 School Days Calendar
Folder Improvement Plans (2 Files)
Download 2016-2017 District Improvement Plan
Download 2014-2015 Campus Improvement Plans
Folder Non-Discrimination Policy (1 Files)
Download Non-Discrimination Policies
Folder Employee Contracts (1 Files)
Download Superintendent`s Contract
Folder Energy Conservation (3 Files)
Download Energy Goals
Download Energy Guidelines
Download Resolution of Board Authorizing Energy Conser.
Folder Movie Licensing Agreement 2015 2016 (1 Files)
Download Movie Licensing Agreement
Folder Community and Student Engagement (1 Files)
Download District and Campus Ratings