Algebra 2


    1st Nine Weeks

    Unit 01: Introduction to Functions in Algebra II

    Unit 02: Absolute Value Functions, Equations, and Inequalities

    Unit 03: Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

    2nd Nine Weeks

    Unit 04: Expressions, Factoring, and Equations with Rational Exponents

    Unit 05: Quadratic Relations, Equations, and Inequalities

    Unit 06: Square Root Functions and Equations

    3rd Nine Weeks

    Unit 07: Cubic and Cube Root Functions and Equations

    Unit 08: Rational Functions and Equations

    Unit 09: Exponential Functions and Equations

    4th Nine Weeks

    Unit 10: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Equations

    Unit 11: Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Data Models

    Unit 12: Making Connections

    Unit 13: Exploring a Business Venture