14 AA 2021 Junior High Track Meet

    March 29th @ Honey Grove

    Celeste, Honey Grove, Sam Rayburn, Bland, Tom Bean, Trenton, Wolfe City.




    2400 will begin at 3:30  - 7th girls,8th girls.

                                           Field Events

                       Triple    Long     Shot      Disc      High      PV

    3:30- 4:15     7b        8b         8b        7b        8b        7b

    4:15- 5:00     8b        7b         7b        8b        7b        8b

    5:30- 6:15     8g        7g         8g        7g        8g        7g

    6:15- 7:00     7g        8g         7g        8g        7g        8g


    Girls” will do all running events first while boys do field events. We will flop around 5:30 and do girls’ field events and boys running events.