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My name is Connie Cox and I am so excited to be your 5th grade science and social studies teacher this year!  I am a graduate of Northwestern State University of Louisiana and TAMU-College Station. I have taught science for 25 years in 5th-12th grade. I am a science nerd and am passionate about instilling a love of science into my students.

I have a sweet little grandson in McKinney which spurred us to move to the area from the Fort Hood area.

Cox, Connie

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Course Outlines

5th grad Science

1st Nine Weeks

Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations

Unit 01: Investigating Physical Properties of Matter

Unit 02: Investigating Forms of Energy

2nd Nine Weeks

Unit 02: Investigating Forms of Energy

Unit 03: Investigating Forces

Unit 04: Investigating Earth's Changes

3rd Nine Weeks
Unit 05: Investigating Water and Weather Patterns

Unit 06: Investigating Sun, Earth, and Moon Systems 

Unit 07: Investigating Ecosystem Interactions

4th Nine Weeks

Unit 07: Investigating Ecosystem Interactions 

Unit 08: Investigating Structures and Behaviors of Organisms

Unit 09: Investigating Fossils and Environments

Unit 10: Student-Designed Investigations 

5th Grade Social Studies

1st Nine Weeks

Unit 01: These United States: A Varied Landscape

Unit 02: Thinking Like a Historian

Unit 03: Coming to America: Exploring and Colonizing America

Unit 04: Unrest and Rebellion: Fighting for Independence

2nd Nine Weeks

Unit 05: A New Nation: Founding of the United States

Unit 06: An American Identity: Becoming the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Unit 07: Migration Westward: Expanding the United States

3rd Nine Weeks

Unit 08: Civil War: Dividing and Rebuilding the Union

Unit 09: A New Century: Transitioning to a Modern America

Unit 10: Challenging Times: Emerging as a World Power 

4th Nine Weeks

Unit 11: An Anxious Nation: Creating a More Perfect Union 

Unit 12: The United States Today: Out of Many, One 

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