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I am a daughter of an educator and rancher. At an early age I was inspired to become a teacher, just like my mother. Now as a wife of a rancher and mother of two young boys, I am fulfilling my dreams and teaching mathematics to young minds.  My husband, Jake and I have two boys, Cade and Cullen. We are a farming/ranching family, with many critters running around our homestead.  We enjoy doing all things outdoors, whatever it may be. 

As I was completing my college degree I was able to fill in as a substitute teacher for WCISD.  I graduated from college at Texas A&M University-Commerce with a B.S., General Studies in August of 2011.  After completing college I started full time as an inclusion paraprofessional at WCMS in August of 2011. As of August of 2014 I achieved my teaching certificate and have enjoyed my time in the classroom as a 6-8 mathematics teacher. 

​"My objective in the classroom is to provide meaningful lessons that will empower my students to take risks and to develop a love of learning." -Alissa Davis

Davis, Alissa

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8th Grade Math

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