Allergies & Asthma


Keeping students with life-threatening allergies safe at school is a cooperative effort between parents, students, physicians, and school staff. If your child has a serious allergy please call or visit the school nurse for more information. 



According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), almost 10% of all children have asthma; it is the leading cause of missed school days. Your child’s school nurse will work with you to help manage asthma at school and to decrease the number of days missed due to asthma-related illnesses. If your child has an asthma action plan, it is a good idea to keep a copy on file at school.

House Bill 1688 was passed into law during the 2001 Texas Legislative Session allowing students to carry and self-administer asthma medications (along with other emergency medications) while at school or school-related functions with written documentation from parents and physician. If you are interested, please complete the self-carry form below.