GATE: Gifted and Talented Educational Services

Welcome to the Gifted & Talented Education page. This site provides access and information to support our gifted and talented learners, their families, and their teachers. Gifted and Talented in the State of Texas (TEA)


Wolfe City Independent School District’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program aims to transform potential in youth into outstanding achievement in adulthood. The district is committed to identifying and nurturing individual strengths in order to cultivate the unique intellectual and academic gifts and talents of our students. 


Through the use of 21st century learning tools, collaboration with classroom teachers, and student and parent involvement, we will foster the development of engaged, self-motivated, learners and leaders who will be college and career ready while demonstrating skills in self-directed learning, critical thinking, research, and communication. GATE students will develop innovative products and performances that will reflect individuality and creativity and be presented to an audience outside the classroom

Program Information

Identification Process
Testing for GATE eligibility takes place on an annual basis. Any student may be referred for assessment. Students are screened for potential eligibility during selected grades chosen by Wolfe City ISD.

Service Model
Students are served through an array of services which includes differentiation in the classroom, advanced level coursework, and/or enrichment opportunities.

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