Parent Resources

Family Accounts

Family accounts where all members may draw from one account are available to families with more than one student.  Parents must make the choice for FAMILY or INDIVIDUAL accounts and purchases of a-la-carte items from the account.  One check or money amount may be sent to be divided to more than one individual account if specified amounts are noted.  Students at any campus may use a “family account.”

Lunch Accounts

Students access their lunch accounts with a student identification number.  Once money is deposited to their lunch account, it cannot be taken out unless it is for a withdrawal or refund.  Parents may set limits on student accounts by contacting the Cafeteria Manager for any restrictions.

Medical Restrictions

In order for a child not to take any items on the menu, they must have a Doctor(licensed health care provider’s) statement requesting it.  For example, if a child is allergic to a food item or milk, etc., the health care provider’s statement will allow them to substitute another item.  Nutritional information is available by request.  Cafeteria managers are available for assistance with special dietary needs.

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