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WCISD Family,

Due to COVID-19 and the requirement for Social Distancing, attending sporting events this year has been difficult/impossible for many parents, grandparents, community members, etc. Earlier this year, Coach Anderson, Coach Hanes, and I worked together with the NFHS Network to install two sets of Pixellott cameras to the HS gym and the HS Football Field. These are the same cameras used by districts that broadcast the Regional and State tournaments, following the action live. I know it has taken time for them to be installed and ready to broadcast, but let us please celebrate the fact that we now have them ready to go. 
At this time.....we are proud to present the attached flyer, providing details on how to subscribe to the network so you can watch any game being played in gym or field. Middle School games played at the HS gym and/or HS field will also be broadcast. Payments are directly made to the NFHS Network. The district does not receive any money from the subscriptions, so please always contact the NFHS Network for payment or broadcasting issues. My team and I will only be able to answer simple questions.
The Football, Volleyball, and Basketball coaches all hope you enjoy it!