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As a young student growing up in Pearland, Texas I fell in love with music.  Inspired by my band director to not only be passionate about the music, but to be respectful and disciplined in attaining all goals.  This practice lead me to a full scholarship at East Texas State University, it was an experience of a lifetime.  Not only the excitement of marching with the Lion Pride Band to performing with the Wind Ensemble at top venue sites such as Carnegie Hall, I also had the privilege to teach Summer Music Camps and play in the summer musicals.  All these experiences molded and shaped me into who I am today, and has grown the passion I have to give each child the foundational knowledge and inspiration I was so fortunate to receive.  Along the way I met my husband of 19 years now, and raised three amazing children while running a small business.  Now that my children are young adults I look forward in continuing the journey I started years ago in teaching

Ceylan, Elizabeth

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Art I-IV

Course Outlines

Art I-IV YAG 2022-2023

1st Nine Weeks → TEK 1.A Illustrate ideas for artworks from direct observation, experiences, and imagination.  1.B  Compare and contrast the use of art elements, and art principles in personal artworks and those of others, using vocabulary accurately.

Week 1→  Procedures

Week 2 → Portfolio

Week 3 → Line Drawing

Week 4 → Shape to Form Drawing

Week 5 → Positive and Negative Space

Week 6 → Value and Texture

Week 7 → Value and Texture

Week 8 →   Illusion of Depth

Week 9 →  Composition Styles

2nd Nine Weeks → TEK 2.A  Create visual solutions by elaborating on direct observation, experiences, and imagination.  2.B  Create designs for practical applications. 

Week 1→ Hand Drawing

Week 2 → Linear perspective drawing/ one point

Week 3 → 2 point / 3 point

Week 4 → Figure drawing/Gesture drawing

Week 5 →Facial proportions/Human proportions

Week 6 →3D Figure/Shape to Form design

Week 7 →Thinking strategies for figure drawing/Sculpture

Week 8 →Color Theory

Week 9 → Applied visual arts/Digital Design/visual hierarchy

3rd Nine Weeks → TEK 3.A  Compare and contrast historical and contemporary styles, identifying general themes and trends.  3.B Describe general characteristics in artworks from a variety of cultures.  3.C  compare and contrast career and avocational opportunities in art.

Week 1→ Historical Connections to line drawing and shading techniques

Week 2 → Historical connections to linear perspective

Week 3 → Critiquing methods for Artist’s/Viewer’s point of view

Week 4 → Historical connections to Digital Design

Week 5 →Functional Art vs. Fine Art

Week 6 →Historical connections to Pastel and painting techniques

Week 7 →Oil/Chalk pastel techniques

Week 8 → College Art School Courses/requirements

Week 9 → Portfolio Review/Critique

4th Nine Weeks →  TEK 4.A  Interpret, evaluate, and justify artistic decisions in personal artworks.  4.B  Select and analyze original artworks, portfolios, and exhibitions by peers and others to form precise conclusions about formal qualities, historical and cultural context, intents, and meanings.

Week 1→ Critiquing methods for Compositional Drawings 

Week 2 → Critiquing methods for Elements and Principles of Design

Week 3 →Atmospheric perspective

Week 4 → Watercolor techniques 

Week 5 →Tempera/Acrylic techniques

Week 6 →Wood burning techniques

Week 7 →Studio Time/ Final Project

Week 8 → Studio Time/ Final Project

Week 9 → Final Portfolio Critique

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Tutorial Schedule

Tutoring or Studio time will be available when needed any day after school Monday thru Thursday.