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WC high school Spotlight - new faces in the front office

Mr. Poe high school principal

Mr. Poe here enjoying Indiana County fair with the family. Mr. Poe is coming from Princeton High School where he was an assistant principal.

- WC High School Principal Shawn Poe

Annie Smith family

Mrs. Annie Smith here with her family comes to Wolfe City from Lone Oak and was at McKinney North before that. Mrs. Smith will be the Dean of Students for Wolfe City High School.

- WC High School Dean of Students Annie Smith

Kali Guiette family

Mrs. Kali Guiette joins the Wolfe City High School front office from Allen High School. Mrs. Guiette will be the front office secretary and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

- WC High School front Office Secretary Kali Guiette