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My current teaching assignments are Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.



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Chagerben, Giovanna

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Spanish 1

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Course Outlines


Course Description: 

Introduction to basic structures and usage of Spanish.  The emphasis is on development of basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar, accuracy of pronunciation, the acquisition of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and the introduction of cultural elements.  

 Units of Study:  

  • Preliminar Section: greetings; introductions; saying where a person is from; numbers; days of the week; the weather; classroom phrases.

  • Unit 1:  Likes and dislikes; after school activities; snack food and beverage;, subject pronouns; verb to be; describing himself/herself and others; definitite and undefinite articles.

  • Unit 2:  Daily schedules; telling time; numbers 10 to 100; the verb tener and present tense of -ar verbs; describing classes; describing locations; expressing feelings; the verbs estar and ir.

  • Unit 3:  Learning meals and food; asking questions about food; learning how to order food; gustar with pronouns; present tense conjugation of verbs ending in -er and -ir; learning about family members; numbers from 200 to 1,000,000 possessive adjectives.

  • Unit 4:  Clothing and shopping; learning how to buy clothing; stem-changing verbs; places and events; greeting people aroung town.                     



Course Description:

Strengthening of basic structures and emphasis on further practice in conversation and expanded writing assignments.  The course will increase accuracy in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish, and promote knowledge of cultural background.   

Units of Study:

  • Preliminar Section:  Saying who you are; personality characteristics; daily activities and food; places in school and around town; saying how a person feels; daily routine; subject pronouns; tener; gustar;  ser or estar; verb ir; review of presente tense conjugation.

  • Unit 1:  Going on a trip; direct object pronouns; going on vacation; past tense of -ar verbs; past tense of ir, ser, hacer, ver, dar.

  • Unit 2:  Sports and health; past tense of -er and -ir verbs; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, daily routines, reflective verbs, present progressive tense.

  • Unit 5:  Preparing and describing food; Usted/Uds commands, ordering meals in a restaurant; affirmative and negative words.

  • Unit 8:  The environment and conservation; future tense of regular and irregular verbs; careers and professions. 

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Tutorials are offered Monday through Thursday in the afternoon.