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I am excited to be beginning my second year as a teacher/coach here at Wolfe City High School.  I grew up in the north central Texas area, mostly around the Whitesboro area, and I currently live in Sherman.  I graduated from West Virginia University in 2005 with intentions of becoming a teacher/coach, but began working on a drilling rig in the oil and gas exploration industry instead. I continued in that line of work for 15 years before being laid off due to economic downturn in that industry, and I have used that as an opportunity to pursue my original career choice. I can't think of a better place to start than WCISD!  I look forward to another great year and another group of smiling faces!

Howard, Seth

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As a coach, my schedule can be very hectic and can also change depending on the time of year. I have practice before and after school, but arrangements can be made if tutoring is needed. I can provide online tutoring as well, but it may be later in the evening.