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Hello, I'm Coach Smith, the Physics and Chemistry teacher at the High School. I am also going to be assistant football, jh basketball, and the Head Baseball Coach. My wife, Annie Smith, and I both work in the district. We have two boys, Ty (10) and Cy (7), who both attend school in Wolfe City. I am in my 11th year in education and have made stops in Lone Oak and Pottsboro. Wolfe City has always been a home for me, as I have quite a bit of family in town. We are looking forward to a great year!

Smith, Tyler

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As a Coach my time before and after school is very limited. I do not have a set tutorial schedule. However, if a student needs tutorials I am willing to meet during my conference (2nd Period) and during my lunch. It is my goal that no student fall behind because of my commitments as a Coach and tutorials are available for students willing to meet.