Welcome to Wolfe City ISD Board of Trustees Information Page


Role of the Board

With the children of the Wolfe City ISD foremost in their minds, the Board members set the direction for the school district.  The Board acts as a whole--not as individuals.  It is the responsibility of Board members to ensure that the system is responding.

The key roles and responsibilities are summarized:

  • To select and employ a Superintendent to serve as the chief administrator of the district;

  • To approve an annual budget and a tax rate that ensures the District's ability to maintain financial stability;

  • To add, revise or delete policies that guide District actions as recommended by the Texas Association of School Board's Policy Service and in line with actions of the Texas Legislature;

  • To develop a mission statement with goals that will ensure the educational success of every student in the District;

  • To communicate the District's vision and direction to the community.

Board members are elected at large for three-year terms.  Elections take place on the first Saturday in May, and terms are staggered to ensure there are always experienced members on the Board.  Members serve without pay.

To maintain their ongoing education requirement, Board members must participate in local and state orientation sessions annually.  They must complete at least 16 hours during their first year on the Board and eight hours of continuing education during each subsequent year of service.  In addition, members study volumes of background material on school finance, curriculum and state law.

The Board of Trustees meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the High School Library.

Board of Trustees Officers

John Williams

Serving Wolfe City ISD Since May 2015
Graduated from Wolfe City High School 1991

Jill Woodruff

Serving Wolfe City ISD Since May 2012
Graduated from Wolfe City High School


Board of Trustees Members

David Caldwell
Serving Wolfe City ISD Since 2016

DeAnna Henslee
Serving Wolfe City ISD Since 2016

Ola Owens
Serving Wolfe City ISD Since 2016

Phil Tanner
Serving Wolfe City ISD Since 2004
Graduated from Wolfe City High School 1974